September Gardening Suggestions

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Here comes September, and with it, the fall.  In gardening, you need to be thinking 2-4 months ahead, so now’s the time to start planning for spring.  (Ain’t gardening fun?)  And what really makes spring look great?  Flowers from bulbs!

Now’s the time to pick up such bulbs as crocuses, lilies, paperwhites, daffodils, irises and more so you can get them ready to plant.  They need time to ‘overwinter’ so you’ll have the best display when spring hits.  If you’ve never tried bulbs out, here’s a little primer to get you started:

ABCs Of Bulb Gardening

Flowering plants that overwinter and multiply by means on fleshy stems of leaves are called bulbs. The bulbs we grow in our gardens today are native to temperate zones all over the world, the woodlands, meadows and mountains of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North America. The Dutch have been extremely successful over the centuries in collection and hybridizing new species of bulbs and improving them for reliable garden performance. Tulips in particular, once played an important role in the Dutch economy.

There is no easier plant to cultivate than a bulb. Planted at the right time, in a loose, well-draining soil, bulbs will bloom punctually year after year and even spread (“naturalize”) if conditions are to their liking.

By planting a sequence of spring-, summer- and fall-flowering bulbs at the appropriate time, you can enjoy their blooms practically year ‘round.

Fall (late September through late November) – Plant hardy, spring-flowering bulbs: tulips, narcissus (includes all types of daffodils), crocus, eranthis (winter aconites), erythronium, fritillaria, hyacinths snowdrops, scilla, hardy cyclamen, lilies. In California and milder areas of the Southwest, also plant ranunculus, freesias, anemones and paperwhites outdoors. Store tulips, crocus and hyacinths in refrigerator for 6-8 weeks before planting. In all regions, store potted bulbs in refrigerator for forcing indoors.

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