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Grow Tomato Plants from Heirloom Seeds

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Tired of the same old boring, solid-red beefsteak tomatoes?  Looking for something a little more lively or different, both in color and even flavor?  Why not try planting some heirloom tomatoes in your garden this spring?

What are heirloom tomatoes you ask?  Pretty much what they sound like:  tomato seeds that have been passed down from generation to generation, grown to keep them as close to the original style as possible rather than hybridizing them with other types of tomatoes for flavor or color.  Then the seeds from each year are kept to create the next season’s crop.

The tomatoes pictured to the left are called Black Krimand they are a Russian heirloom seed.  They produce 8-12 oz. size fruit which are globe-shaped, full flavored and very juicy.  They have a dark reddish-purple interior with a deep green thin delicate skin.  They can be grown staked or caged.

For something even more unusual, why not try the Black Sea Manvariety?  Pictured below, they grow on small plants with medium-sized fruit that looks a bit like a watermelon gone crazy, with a red interior and green exterior and are full of flavor.

Only feeling a little adventurous?  Then why not try your basic Beefsteak heirloom seeds? You still great the great tomato we all know and love for putting on hamburgers, but in a variety of colors you may not have tried before, including yellows, oranges and deep reddish-purple.