It’s Sweet Cherry Time Again!

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Every year, I can’t wait for the end of June, beginning of July, as that’s when our sweet cherry tree goes to town.

When we moved into our house, it was the dead of winter, with snow on the ground, and not a tree in sight had leaves, so we had no idea what kind of fruiting or flowering we could look forward to come spring.

Imagine our surprise the first summer to see that we had a sweet cherry tree! (My absolute favorite fruit!  Give me a bing cherry or 300, and I’m a happy – and bloated – puppy. I also adore blueberries, raspberries, Thompson green grapes and raw English snap peas, but if I could only have one, it would be the cherries hands-down.)

And given the prices of cherries these days, up to $8 or $9 a lb., having my very own tree is heaven!

Of course, that first year the tree didn’t produce much as we hadn’t really done anything to help it out.  Not to mention, I think the birds stripped it bare by the time we realized what we had and just when the fruit would finally get ripe. But after finding out what a treasure was hiding in plain sight, we started to treat it better.

One thing I found that gives the fruit a boost is using super blooming slow-release flower food around the drip-line of the tree once every 2-3 months, as soon as any snow is gone.  (I figured since the fruit comes from the flowers, the better it bloomed, the happier I’d be when fruiting time came around, and was I happy!!!)

It didn’t hurt this year that we also had a prolonged really cold winter.  Seems the little buggers enjoy a "break" and need cold weather to decide that they’d better really fruit it up when the weather warms up.

So, voilà, we’s gots cherries, cherries and more cherries, don’t you know, all on one little 15 foot tall "dwarf"…  (It’s definitely going to need pruning after the fruiting is over to keep its "dwarf" status and before the overly long branches break in the fall winds.  We’ll just have to be extra careful not to trim to far into the fruiting part of the branches – wouldn’t want to ruin next year’s crop, eh?)

Off to go make myself sick on the little dears before the birds have their way with them.  (What’s really depressing is the next door neighbor has a 30′ tall cherry tree that practically touches ours, but they’re all super sour – thousands of them covering their tree and not even the birds want them…  In fact, they spit them out all over our yard… <sigh>)


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