Check Out This Solar Powered Bird Bath!

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Now here’s a garden fountain & bird bath I can get behind…!

Not only is it stylish, but it runs on solar energy.  How great not to have to plug it in.  You can put it anywhere in the garden that gets enough direct sunlight to power the solar cell that sits in the middle. 

You can even leave this bird bath outdoors year-round; you just simply remove the pump and solar panel for storage and insert the included winterizing plate. This pump even has a filter to prevent build-up. (It’s recommend you clean it every month or two, depending on the level of build-up accumulated.)

One bonus of a bird bath that has constantly moving water is it discourages mosquitos from breeding in it.  Stagnant bird baths offer mosquitos the perfect opportunity to multiply.  But with West Nile Virus spreading across the US, this fountain lets you have your water feature without the worry. 

The Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain holds about a gallon of water and provides your feathery friends with about 2" of water to frolic and flit about in.  It also has an extender tube so you can adjust the height of the spray.

For more info, click on the picture or check out:  Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain

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