How To Have Yourself an Eco-Wedding

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So, what IS an eco-wedding you ask?

Well, it’s one where you try to make everything involved as "green" as possible.  (And I don’t mean the color, unless of course it’s your favorite to begin with.) An eco-wedding is one that does everything in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.  That can include everything from the flowers to the invitations to the ring to the dress and more.

Say you decide an eco-wedding is for you.  Where do you start and how do you keep it from costing a fortune? Well, here are just a few ideas of things you can try:

Nowadays, garden weddings are becoming more and more popular.  This doesn’t mean that it has to be YOUR garden, though. Try to have your wedding in a garden or outdoor location that’s centrally located to all who attend.  That way they can save on travel time and fuel, saving your friends and family money and putting less stress on the environment.  And if the locale already has an existing recyling/compost center nearby, that’s a bigger plus for when it’s time to tear down…

The Dress
Today, more and more clothes are available in eco-friendly materials. (Did you know they can make a baby-soft cloth from bamboo or hemp nowadays?) Try to find a dress made from renewable materials. Also, a great idea is to choose a dress that can be retailored into something you can use for another occasion rather just buy a 1-time use item.  Some companies offer to turn your dress into your first child’s dressing or baptismal gown.

The Rings
More and more places offer ‘recycle’ or fair-trade jewelry.  Instead of having rings custom-made or buying new ones, why not consider one of these?  You can have them adjusted or reworked to make them more personal. 

The Flowers
Whether you’re having a garden wedding or other type, consider using locally grown flowers. They’ll be fresher and won’t have to travel as far, saving fuel. And if you can find organically grown ones, so much the better!

The Food
Try to find a local caterer who uses mostly organic, locally grown foods.  Again, this will save fuel and also make sure you offer the freshest fare available.

The Invitations
Nowadays, you have quite a few options to get people to attend the big day.  The totally eco way would be to put up a website with the invite for all involved to see. (And to be even more Earth-friendly, you’d use a website that is powered by wind and sun only, but that may not be as easy as it sounds…yet.)  However, if you feel you have to send out something tangible to each guest, why not use one of the many companies offering invitations printed on recycled paper, the more post-consumer content, the better?

 Want more ideas?  Check out the following books for creating your own eco-wedding or for just living ecologically soundly, all without breaking the budget, while still having some style:

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