Great Ideas For Your Garden

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Great Ideas For Your Garden

From Country Homes & Gardens, this magnificent reference is over 400 pages of no-nonsense, to-the-point, 100% accessible gardening information. Illustrated with more than 500 full-color photos and chock full of practical advice, design ideas, and solutions, it will help you create the garden you¿ve always wanted. Encompassing all things green, this book is divided into four sections so you can locate what you need quickly and easily. Full of smart solutions, this hard-working guide helps you do things right the first time. You¿ll find design and landscape ideas, water and container gardening tips, and step-by-step projects such as creating a low-maintenance pond or building a brick pathway. The quick problem-solver section includes essential information and answers to common garden problems as well as clearly illustrated garden techniques on everything from planting to pruning. In short, this all-inclusive reference is a must-have for every gardener¿s bookshelf. It provides all the practical know-how and innovative design ideas to make your time spent in the garden a “pleasure rather than a chore.

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