Greyhound walkies? Routine Advice please?

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Routine Advice: how many times do you take your dog for a walk beacuse i go to school at 8:30 and come home at 4:30 but my dad is in all the time, but he can't walk so he said he will let it out in the garden untill i come home. we are planning to give my dog 2-3 small meals a day. Along with fresh water.

so should i feed him at 6:45 and then my dad can feed him at lunch and let him out. Then i come home at 4:35 and feed him then i can take him for a walk.

PS: i know that when they wake up, they need to 'go' as well?

i will leave the rest up to my dad while i am away(beacause it's going to be his dog any way)

so do you think the routine is ok if not can you please write your suggestions.

coz my dad said its better to plan out things before getting a dog.
im not getting a puppy im rehoming a dog from greyhund recue lol

I just wanted to say well done for choosing a greyhound from a rescue and for doing your research beforehand.

We took "delivery" of a retired racer yesterday from a greyhound rescue and so far there are no problems at all. He has taken to living in a house like a duck to water. He is gorgeous.

Good luck with your dog.

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  1. jo Says:

    greyhound dont need long and alot of exercise good luck
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  2. Cold Bird Says:

    It's good that you're finding things out beforehand. The breeder should be able to give you all the information you need regarding feeding times, the type and amount of food. You could also read articles on training a puppy. Good luck!
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  3. mad Says:

    We have a lurcher – similar to a greyhound – and her routine is: 7.30am -ish – take her to bottom of garden to pee (& the other if necessary!)
    9.00am – breakfast
    11.00am – proper walkies
    5.30pm -ish – short walk
    6.00pm dinner
    10.30pm -ish – bottom of garden again then bed.
    I would think you could give your greyhound a little walk then breakfast before you go to school, then another walk when you come home before her dinner. Your dad could let the dog out around midday before her 'lunch', then you could take her for a pee at bedtime. You'll soon see whether the dog is happy with this routine, but in my experience, they're pretty adaptable. Good luck.
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  4. walkinglady Says:

    It's great that your getting info before you get the dog! Keep in mind if you're getting a rescued greyhound that the group you get your dog from is always more than happy and willing to give any advice you need.

    One thing I can tell you right now is that this dog won't want to be fed 3 times a day. Twice is plenty and 2 of mine won't each that often – only once a day.

    As for walking, a lot will depend on the age of the dog, as well as temperament. Most greys are perfectly content with one long walk a day, others need 2, some might need several short walks a day – depending on their age and physical conditions.
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  5. Jay Says:

    I just wanted to say well done for choosing a greyhound from a rescue and for doing your research beforehand.

    We took "delivery" of a retired racer yesterday from a greyhound rescue and so far there are no problems at all. He has taken to living in a house like a duck to water. He is gorgeous.

    Good luck with your dog.
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  6. Poppy Says:

    You do need to be flexible with your schedule at first so you can work out what the dog wants and needs. Feeding twice a day is fine, i dont really think 3 feedings is necessary. When you work out your schedule make sure you dont plan strenuous exercise too soon before or after a meal as it can cause problems (bloat is something to be aware of with greyhounds). Plan for at least a 30 minute walk everyday, more if you can.

    One other piece of advice is to take it slowly at first. Let your new dog get used to his/her surroundings first.

    Best of luck
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    I recommend getting at least one book on the breed. I have read:
    Adopting the retired racing greyhound, Cynthia Brannigan

    There is also a greyhounds for dummies book available.

  7. shirley v Says:

    greyhounds are happy with two walks a day the rest of the time they like to sleep
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  8. Fancys_Mamma Says:

    sounds like you got it figured out already good luck
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  9. Says:

    I think you and your dad are absolutely wonderful!! It's great that you are getting a rescue dog and absolutely fantastic that you are planning ahead so well! Well done, everything you've planned sounds great.
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  10. pinkstone Says:

    due to popular disbelief a grey hound will not need a lot of walking and they are very lazy dogs my friends have one and they cant believe how much she sleeps,this is normal. they do love a good burst of energy when they go out for a walk,so 2 long walks a day should be fine for him.regards feeding him. i have a boxer and have been told by the vet that dogs should get 2 meals a day the first should be small at about lunchtime and the second at about 5pm and then go for a walk at about 6ish the first meal will stop dogs putting on weight,because if you feed a dog one meal a day they retain the food as its such a long time until the next one. if he is let out in the garden in the day thats fine. hope this helps and good luck with him they are great dogs
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  11. hard2getbutch Says:

    rescue dogs are special in them selves. if you are planning on leaving him outside… I would make him have a dish of never ending water… and in the morning when you put him out… leave a good sized bowl of food out for him. he will eat what he wants and leave the rest. come back to it when he wants. I would not worry about a schedule… just about how often he is getting snacks and what not. Now… if you plan to give him canned food… then yea… a schedule. We (as kids) only fed our dogs at night. but… since you would be letting him out all day… it is a good idea to feed him in the morning. letting the food set till you come home. then I would pick it up at 4 when you come home. so that way… no accidents in the house. cause normally… by 8 or 9 when bed time comes…he should be ok (if he is sleeping outside…. then leave the food down… inside… pick up when your home).

    good luck. email me if you need more of my input.
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  12. misstraceyrick Says:

    Well done for rehoming a greyhound, he/she will reward you and your dad with a lot of love and affection as gratitude. Contrary to popular belief, retired greyhounds do not need tons of exercise nor do they need to be run out every day for hours and hours! From the minute they are born they have very little human contact other than to be put into a training regime that would make mince-meat of other dogs! My brother-in-law had one and had a lot of trouble house training it because it was used to being outside all day in a yard but he did get there eventually. Your dog will only need a short walk so that it can go to the toilet about three times per day but leave newspaper down in case of accidents indoors. I don't know if you've ever had a greyhound before but you cannot put a normal dog collar on them, they do need the very thick leather strap that you always see them in to support their necks when they are out. You also have to place its feeding / water bowls a couple of inches off the floor, again because of their necks. I don't know where you live but if you're in the UK ring the Retired Greyhound Trust or the Rehoming Centre at Wimbledon Greyhound Racing Track, SW London and they will be able to tell you exactly what you need and what to expect from a dog that has had limited human contact. Greyhounds are in no way vicious to humans but you should know that you can NEVER let it off the lead outside as it WILL attack small dogs, cats and squirrels, its what they were trained for unfortunately! Good luck to you and your dad, i hope your new dog settles in well and has a good life with such kind people.
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  13. almondsarenuts Says:

    you are doing a great thing. the greyhounds from rescue are usually such sweeties!

    I'd recommend breakfast and dinner with lots of fresh water. Depending on the age, you can moderate the walks. Bathroom break first thing in the morning when waking up, then breakfast, then out for a bit. laze round the house. a break in the noon time, and another if needed when you get home. Dinner, another break, and good for the night. All depends on the amounts/type of food and how much water the dog has.

    Of course, all depends specifically on the dogie you get. he/she may last longer, or need more frequent outings especially in the beginning when you are all getting acquainted. But normally one walk with you or your dad per day may be all thats specifically needed.

    Greyhound rescue usually have fostered the dog before hand, and will have many tips about the one you are taking. If thats so don't worry too much. It will be a very fun experience!

    Lots of luck
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