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hi can anyone help, i live in a shared house, my landlord is great however he doesnt get involved much, the house is all girls who unfortunately do not like me, i dont want to move out and the rent is really cheap (which is what i can afford) but now when they are home, i hibinate in my room and i feel intimidated to come outside my room to make a cup of tea or something, i am only happy and relaxed when they are not home, what do i do, i dont want to move out but i dont want to feel like i am not welcome in this house, i cant afford to get my own place and other rooms to rent are so expensive.
Anyone got any advice?

yes,,, head butt the horrible cows

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  1. country boy Says:

    yes,,, head butt the horrible cows
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  2. mully Says:

    Maybe Because you are staying in your room everytime your lodgers are home is making you feel more intimated than what you really are. You also pay the rent so should be roaming freely around the house when you please. Why don't you ask some of your friends to come back to yours for a bite to eat or a drink and all of you sit in the lounge and stay in there until they decide to leave. If you do this maybe a couple of times a wk then your lodgers hopefully will get the message that you to live in the house. But don't sit in your room because they are home, if you want a cup of tea then get up go down stairs and make one.
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  3. engque e Says:

    Be strong. Try to walk confidently and proudly b4 those who dislike or despise you. Then they will start to think about your existence.
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  4. Stephen A Says:

    Do the girls dislike you , or do not know you that well

    The best way is to ask to have a house meeting , maybe a meal or something , and get to know them , and for them to know you

    The worst thing is bad feelings , between people that share a house together

    I doubt they dislike you , it may just be a case of , they don't know you
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