How can I care for my "outdoor cat"? Need advice.?

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I have been feeding a stray cat that lives in the garden of my apartment building (she's an outdoor cat). I can't take her home, but I want to deworm her as well as give her medication for fleas and ticks. Is that advisable? Since she's an outdoor cat, will she end up having worms and fleas etc anyway even if I give her medication? I can't take her home because my dad's got really bad allergies… The cat looks about 5 months old, and her stomach looks a bit "bloated", so I assume she's got some worms in there. How can I care for this stray better?
I have been feeding a stray cat that lives in the garden of my apartment building (she's an outdoor cat). I can't take her home, but I want to deworm her as well as give her medication for fleas and ticks. Is that advisable? Since she's an outdoor cat, will she end up having worms and fleas etc anyway even if I give her medication? I can't take her home because my dad's got really bad allergies… The cat looks about 5 months old, and her stomach looks a bit "bloated", so I assume she's got some worms in there. Can she be pregnant at such a young age? How can I care for this stray better?
can she be pregnant so young? she's only five months old (I think)…
I'm afraid she wouldn't trust me anymore if I caught. Plus, I heard that cats can panic and refuse to eat etc if they're taken to unfamiliar surroundings. Is that true?

Quit feeding strays and they will go some where else. That should take care of them all.


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  1. kerrsrooky Says:

    The only way to take care of the worms is getting it to a Vet and getting medication. To do this you will have to be able to catch it and also be able to give it's meds when suggested by the Doc.
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  2. catsaver001 Says:

    You can do all of the above and get her in for shots. The best wormers come from the vet so she really should go there. Some of the flea products…Advantage, Revolution, and Frontline actually prevent parasites. They have to be applied as directed. She might get a flea but the medicine will kill it once the flea bites her. You may have to worm her yearly with pills from the vet but it would be better than letting her stay wormy and flea ridden. And one more thing. PLEASE get her spayed. You will end up with about 5 or 6 of her babies before you know it. It's a bit costly but there are places that do it at reduced rates. The Anti Cruelity Society and the Neuter Scooter are two I know of. Look into it. The Anti Cruelity only charges $10.00. At least the one in Chicago does.
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  3. Joe e Says:

    You need to get her shots for all kinds of outdoor diseases and get her spayed. Take her to the vet ask what kind of shots you will need and what they are for. It will probably run you a couple of hundred bucks and require you bring her back about every six months. Without the shots for outdoor contracted diseases will last no more than a couple of years.
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  4. bailie28 Says:

    i believe cats should be six weeks old before you begin to deworm can buy dewormer over the counter at any big store..kmart,walmart etc. you put it in their food and just follow the simple could probably give her the meds for fleas as well..the only thing is this cat also needs to start getting her shots..if you cannot take her home i suggest you call a local no kill shelter and talk to them about options as fair as taking care of her and maybe getting her a good home.
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  5. carol k Says:

    Sounds like you might need to find her a home if you possibly can. We fed some strays and they were all poisoned and when we tried to rescue one, the little thing lasted only a few days before dying. anything you do is better than nothing and you have a good heart!
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  6. Lisa Says:

    Usually you can tell a cat has worms by looking in its feces. I took in a stray cat who was bloated, and it turned out he was starved from being homeless!! His ears were too big for his head and he was gassy for months as he began to eat normally. We named him "Oliver".
    Flea meds last for 30 days. Also, they're worse in the summer, so as the weather gets colder, the cat's flea problem will lessen, if he remains an outdoor cat.
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    I've had more cats than I can count….

  7. Jacks036 Says:

    Have her rescued. There are so many bad things that can happen to a cat outside. For instance: bitten by a rabid animal, tortured by kids with pitbulls, hit by a car, etc.
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  8. barsh Says:

    Set a trap for the cat. You may be able to get one at the local humane society. Then take her to the vets office. They will still treat her. Of course, you'd have to foot the bill. But if she's tested for heartworms and is positive, it will be very expensive. I think that you're doing a very good thing for that cat. As long as she's been treated and cleared of all things, she should be fine. But, that doesn't mean she can't get them again. There's also topical flea and tick meds out there that can keep her free of those pests. Now, the humane society (a no-kill shelter) may be able to help you find a good home for her.
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  9. friendlyadvice Says:

    You can get deworming medication from the vet, mix it in with canned cat food and offer it to the stray. I did this with a stray cat that lived in my garage and one deworming was successful.

    The fleas and ticks will be a constant part of outside life, but they should greatly diminish once the cat has been dewormed, puts on weight, and gets healthy. I never used flea and tick medicine on the stray that I had but they disappeared once he got healthy and I cut all the knots out of his long fur.

    Cats are very much creatures of habit. If you show up at the same time, same place each day, the cat will be there.
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  10. Tiken Says:

    Bloated tummy could be … pregnant…could be …FIP.. Do you have a Humane Society near you? They have low cost clinics that will help you with her . First thing to do is see if you can get her in to be fixed. for the most part, you can continue to put food out for her and establish a name that she recognizes so that you can call her to come and eat.
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  11. adnilcomplicated Says:

    I am a true believer that you do not find a cat…the cat will find you…

    this cat wants to be with you…somehow she picked up on your personality, and your feelings…(cats do this), and, she wants you to be her parent. you have feelings for her as well, as, you would not be asking this question.

    I say you should try to take her in, and, give her a chance of indoor life. the bloated, could mean that she is pregnant…so i would advise agaist any meds until you take her in…and let her love you and, you love her…

    how is it that your father is allergic but you are not? try to perhaps wash the cat, so u can keep her…


    she needs you…
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  12. Rachel the Wild Butterfly Says:

    That is so sweet you want to take care of her! Well you could sneak her in if you're good at not getting caught. And if you want to look at it at another way, you'll just be wasting money on a cat that may die anyway. What makes you think she's got worms? What makes you think she's got fleas?
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  13. sherrone j Says:

    With fleas tickks and other diseases you bring your cat inside my is a inside cat she loves to go out but when she does I will spank her and she will back away from the door.Get your yard treated for parasites
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  14. jay m Says:

    medicating outdoor cats is amust. worming them every month outdoor cats eat mice, birds, and insects. these critters can cause serious health problems for the cat. plus young healthy cat having kittens as long as she is over six months and seems healthy everything should be alright
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  15. LAURIE Says:

    If you can pick her up that would be easy, but if not , rent cat trap, make an appointment with a vet, they can tell if she is pregnant, has worms etc. Have her spayed, Have the vet put Advantage on her. this will kill the fleas on her and try to reapply every two months or so. She won't stop eating, she might be a little leery for a while but you will regain her trust. At least you will know that she will not have kittens, adding to the stray population. Thank you for helping this cat.
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  16. dixieprayerlady Says:

    I would take her to the vet to let them really give her a good look over and it wouldn't her to talk to your dad about it too .I have a sister that has asthma but she still has a cat to this day as far as i know, so it depends on the individual as to those allergies but , I would deffently check out that cat before taking it in my home for sure. There's things you will need to know and ask so write down those questions and don't be too afraid to ask after all if you DON'T ASK YOU WON'T KNOW RIGHT ? ! IT'S ALSO BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY POSSIBLY LATER AS WELL. HOPE THIS HELPS
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  17. PK Says:

    Quit feeding strays and they will go some where else. That should take care of them all.

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    Judge Judy and Oprah

  18. Naomi M Says:

    I would either take her to your nearest animal rescue centre or find a good home for her before you spend money on these treatments, the sad thing is even though you are a caring person who wants the best for this cat, the realism is that even if you do these things for her, she could get injured by another animal or cat or even get hit by a car, the best thing for this cat would be to have a home to live in. If you find someone that will take her in then you could go visit her, and at least you will know she is safe. She's bit too young to be pregnant, I would say she's been eating junk, and yes probably has got worms. There needs to be more people like you in this world! I commend you. Best of luck
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  19. cat lover Says:

    Your heart is probably in the right place, but she faces immense problems as an outdoor cat. Her swollen stomach is probably a result of worms, and only a vet can provide the proper medication. The treatments you find in grocery stores will only treat the easy problems, and her problems are not 'easy'. In addition, each time she catches a critter, she has a good chance of getting more worms.

    If she is pregnant, then vet intervention is most important for her and her future litter.

    I was caring for a feral cat, and I trapped her and got her treatment. She still came around for the food and shelter I provided her afterwards. (She had been trapped and spayed after I trapped and tamed her litter, but she was too feral to be adopted.)

    Check with a shelter group about getting a humane trap, and get her vet care. With a supply of food and shelter, cats can do well outside once treated for their problems.
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  20. Dee M Says:

    if her belly is big at 5 – 6 months of age, most likely she is pregnant. only very young kittens have swollen bellies from worms. get her to a vet asap and have her spayed.
    do not use OTC flea products on a cat, most of them can be deadly to cats, get something from the vet like frontline, advantage or revolution.
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  21. arora1977us Says:

    The only way to know if she has worms is to take a stool sample to the vet. If she's bloated looking, she's probably pregnant. Taking her to the local no-kill cat shelter will help get her spayed so that she can't populate the whole neighborhood. They might let you get first dibs on adopting or help find her a home with someone who doesn't have allergies. Outside cats have it rough…lots of dangerous things outdoors, like cars, coyotes, dogs, disease, etc. It's nice that you have a big heart for her, though.
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  22. lipz20 Says:

    i am forever helpin the animals by me. i look after strays and the birds and even the foxes. the best thing you could do for the meantime is to phone the rspca for there advice. if you cant take this cat home and there is the chance she is pregnant (which if she isnt now i guarentee she will be soon), the cat will have her kittens in the wild and they will end up ferrel, damaged or dead. i was feeding a stray and one day i was sitting outside avin a fag and she brought soething to me dropped it at my feet and went off again. it was her kitten. she done this with 4 of them. she had built up the trust to bring them to me to help her with but unfortunatly one was dmaged. when i eventually phoned rspca they said a fox must of tryed to have it. its a big scary world for stray animals. if you havent got the facilities for her, but you obviously care the best thing you could do for the cat is to phone the rspca to collect her. if she young now she will have all the help and best possible chance of life with their help. good luck. hope you stick to it xxxx
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  23. rochell Says:

    you my dear are a very sweet and caring person. yes you can deworm the cat yourself and put some very good flea meds on the kitty( advantage is the best) you will have to get it from the vets. but after all of that how about her rabies shot and feline leukemia test and shot. those are very important. i wish you could take her home . have you thought about getting rid of your dad?( just joking) Good luck
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