Moving home with a cat, I need advice…?

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I have found a home I love but it is on a road that is quite busy, the property is on the end of the block and the cat will more than likely be able to get out the front from the garden.

Should I be worried about him? should I let that put me off a home that is otherwise perfect? I am worried he will run into the road!


You should make him a house cat…cats that roam outside are more likely to pick up nasty diseases and can bring ticks and fleas into your home…

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  1. HarleyQuine Says:

    Is there a way to block it off? Or cage up the garden with chicken wire? Obviously your cat is an outdoor cat so how about making a safe area for him outdoors? If he's not used to busy streets or traffic then it's dangerous to let him out at all in your new home. Have you thought about buying the house and making him an indoor cat? You could always try it while you build a safe area for him.
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  2. t H u n d u rr x x t h i g h s Says:

    I'm in a similar situation. I've searched on the internet on what to do… It's basically all advice on indoor cats! If you have an outdoor cat like I do, I have consulted the vet and they said to leave him inside (garage if you don't like him indoors) for 2-4 weeks and take him for walks with a cat harness. If he is an indoor cat… you shouldn't really have much to worry about.
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  3. Jaime S Says:

    Keep him inside where he belongs.
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  4. Sarah B Says:

    i live on a very busy road too i keep my cats inside because they can climb really well. u can take ur cat out for a little bit if he or she has a collar and leash on or u could hold he or she tightly
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  5. Heather H Says:

    You should make him a house cat…cats that roam outside are more likely to pick up nasty diseases and can bring ticks and fleas into your home…
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  6. Tigger Says:

    You're going to have to teach him to stay inside, except MAYBE for supervised time in the garden.

    Otherwise, go ahead and get the house!

    When you move in, don't worry if he hides for a few days: A lot of cats do.

    Good luck!
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  7. Tapestry6 Says:

    Yeah I hear you those who think its better for cats indoors should spend their entire lives indoors and see how they like it!
    I have had outdoor cats who come indoors for food/water and sleeping purposes and none have been hurt by a car. Cats are not stupid they don't go near noisy streets unless they are homeless and are desperate for food or shelter. Since your cats have those things they aren't going to run out into a busy street they are not babies with no idea that cars can hurt them. I haven't seen a dead cat in the street in years and years.. skunks, possums, sick birds but no cats.
    You can give them garage privileges the first month and as soon as they orientate that this is home then let them go outside.. put security screens on all your doors. Not only is protection for you but it also prevents marred up screens.
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  8. Rach Rose Says:

    i have two cats and we moved to a main road the cat just watches the cars speed past thought the hedge but never goes near it don't worry the cat will have some common sense
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  9. Nanna Green Says:

    is there anywhere in the back you can make a run for the cat so he can go outside in safety
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  10. Garn Z Says:

    I think you should keep him inside Unless you are out in the garden.
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