Returning Faulty Tent to Argos, Advice Please?

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Q: Hi, a couple of weeks ago I bought a tent from Argos. When it arrived by home delivery, I put the tent up on the back garden, and it seemed to be ok. But when we took it camping, we noticed little pin holes in it, and the door was sewn into the seam, which makes it difficult to zip it shut. I haven’t got the packaging and the boxes that it came in, but I still have the receipt. Will Argos give me my money back?

A: I used to work for Argos. Take it back to any store, explain what’s gone on and you’ll get your money back or a replacement. (xx)

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10 Responses to “Returning Faulty Tent to Argos, Advice Please?”

  1. musikelly81 Says:

    Good luck, I’m a Tigercats fan myself!
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  2. susiebryce Says:

    Yup…should do…they are actually good like that!
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  3. mercury Says:

    If it is under a year old and you still have receipt , yes, I think they should. In my experience Argos have always been good with returns…maybe read what it says on the reverse of the receipt or ring them in advance to double check.
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  4. sim Says:

    well is ur tent is faulty they are obliged to give u a refund. and argos are usually not tht stubborn wen it comes to refund of faulty goods. moreover u hav ur receipt. goodluck with it..
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  5. dunrobin46 Says:

    Yes legally they have to.

    You just return it under the terms of the 1971 Sale Of Goods Act as being unfit for purpose. You don’t need the wrapping.
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  6. LottyBetty Says:

    Argos is usually really good with returns. Call the number in the catalogue and they’ll either send the home delivery van to come get it or tell you to take it back to the shop. From experience they are really helpful x x
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  7. sammygord2002 Says:

    I used to work for Argos, Take it back to any store, Explain whats gone on and youll get your money back, or a replacement. xx
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    Used to work for Argos!!

  8. Chris Says:

    Shouldn’t be a problem, especially as you have the receipt.
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  9. Barbie V Says:

    they are pretty good with returns
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  10. Glitter-Girl Says:

    Yes, within 30 days. Legally, (they say in their returns statement/clauses on their website):
    * If you bring it back to us within 30 days with your proof of purchase*, we’ll give you a replacement or a refund.

    * If you’ve had the product for up to 1 year, we’ll repair the product or, if that’s not possible, give you a replacement or, if that’s not possible, a refund.

    * This does not affect your statutory rights.

    Yes, you can get a refund or replacement, depending on the number of days you’ve had the item.
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