Turn Your Black Thumb to Green

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Do you have trouble figuring out where you should put your plants? Do you put them in the garden and just hope for the best, which, if you’re like me, is practically a death sentence for each poor plant? 

While surfing Amazon.com , I came across this nifty little gadget that looks like it was created with just me in mind: THE EASYBLOOM. Check it out:

How It Works

1. Set It
Plug the EasyBloom Plant Sensor into a USB port–you will be brought to your My EasyBloom Dashboard page. Put the sensor into Recommend or Monitor mode.

2. Place Sensor
Place the sensor in a spot where you would like to grow a plant, or adjacent to the plant that needs monitoring. Let the EasyBloom Plant Sensor gather a ‘plant’s eye’ view of that location.



3. Plug It In
After 24 hours, plug the sensor into your USB port. Sensor data is uploaded to the EasyBloom website where algorithms are run that will either recommend a plant or diagnose what is wrong with an ailing plant.

4. Get Results
When in Recommend mode, the EasyBloom website will present a set of plants that will thrive in that location. In Monitor mode, you will be told what is going wrong with a plant with visual cues on how to fix it.

5. Enjoy
Sit back and enjoy flourishing plants.

The ultimate "why didn’t someone think of that sooner" invention, EasyBloom is like having your own personal team of botanists on-call around the clock. The result? You spend a lot less time working in your garden, and a lot more time enjoying it. EasyBloom is a perfect gift for novices to experienced gardeners. The Plant Sensor is completely reusable and works with your PC or Mac.

If you think that’s just the neatest thing around for you or a friend (or black-thumbed loved one), you can get yours here:

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