What would your home's theme song be and why?

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As the Editor of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I've seen many houses that have enough character to warrant their own theme tune. What would you suggest for your home?
Julia Zaetta

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“We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by The Animals

The taps drip, the fridge needs defrosting every three weeks or it doesn’t work, the doors don’t close, we can only run power from half the outlets in the house, there is mould on the walls, the bogong moths don’t seem too keen to continue their journey down to the mountains once they see our place and the upstairs neighbour plays car racing video games till 2am (that’s when he’s not playing “lets rearrange the furniture” or slamming his front door every half hour)
There must be a better life!

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  1. Jenna Says:

    “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by The Animals

    The taps drip, the fridge needs defrosting every three weeks or it doesn’t work, the doors don’t close, we can only run power from half the outlets in the house, there is mould on the walls, the bogong moths don’t seem too keen to continue their journey down to the mountains once they see our place and the upstairs neighbour plays car racing video games till 2am (that’s when he’s not playing “lets rearrange the furniture” or slamming his front door every half hour)
    There must be a better life!
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  2. Diane B Says:

    "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd a Baked a Cake" Our house is always full of people coming and going. My husband and I know practically the entire city and people are always stopping in or calling by. We love to be surrounded with friends and loved ones. Our door is always open and we welcome everyone. We even find strangers visiting in our city and invite them to our home (after getting acquainted with them of course).
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  3. ugly joe Says:

    theme from the Adams family. It's creepy and it's spooky.
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  4. morningcoffeeprisoner Says:

    Zippity Du Da, Zippity Day!

    I just moved to this coastal town and I live in the lower level of a duplex just two blocks from the ocean. It's kind of a quirky pad, but each room has a special touch and my two patios are filled with potted and hanging plants. On many occasions, I've woken to the sounds of birds chirping and that song has popped into my head far too often than I care to admit.
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  5. Fi B Says:

    "lets fall in love" – cole porter
    We fell in love with our house the minute we saw it!
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  6. dryheatdave Says:

    Rock you like a hurricane.

    Because I always seem to have Scorpions in the house.
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  7. Moving On Says:

    Home amongst the Gum Trees because that is how I feel
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  8. middnightangell75 Says:

    The theme to the Beverly Hillbillies. It looks kinda like the shack that they lived in before they moved.
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  9. the_little_one_said Says:

    Rush by Big Audio dynamite.

    "Situation no win. Rush for a change of atmosphere. I can't go one so I give in. Gotta get myself right out of here."

    I feel like I am fighting a loosing battle. My kids can tear this place down in 5 seconds flat.
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  10. **Charli** Says:

    We built this City by Starship

    When we started designing our house it was only 3 bedrooms. Now it had a few more! LOL! It really is starting to look like a city!
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  11. ren_faire_rose Says:

    Our home's song would be "We are the Champions" by Queen.

    On second read / thought, the theme for this apt goes "A doo run run run, a doo run run" while "We are the Champions" is our family theme song…even when trying to rest, my kids and I are always running at top speed. The apt we came from had the theme song of "Climb Every Mountain" while my mom's place was definitely "Home on the Range" despite being in the city.
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  12. sydney77 Says:

    The Heat is On – by Glenn Frey.

    In summer my flat is so hot!!!!!! It's the hottest flat in the block as it faces the afternoon sun and I've no shade from trees.
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  13. loza500 Says:

    Rock this Party – Bob Sinclaire

    Our house is constantly full of people, its pretty much a party 24/7. It never fails for friends, and friends of friends to drop by unannounced every night. The house is constantly trashed, no matter how often we all clean so it always looks like the aftermath of a rock concert!

    We wouldn't have it any other way.
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  14. Hawthorn Says:

    Let me entertain you by Robbie Williams
    people call in when they're bored to get entertained… our home is fun , so are we ^^
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  15. Ariel Says:

    'thunderstruck' by ACDC cos thats what looks like has happened to my house 😛
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  16. Redelle Says:

    I would have to say either
    I need a hero – Bonnie Tyler
    (to clean up this place!!)
    Got to knock a little harder – Kanno Yoko (Always got the music playin' loudly!)
    Safety Dance – Men without hats.
    (House is a work in progress, with two greyhounds who can always get underfoot! So its a constant safety dance not to fall down the stairs!)
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  17. Vicki R Says:

    Zippety do-da
    Zippedy de-yay
    Oh what a feeling; what a wonderful day;
    Plenty of sunshine heading my way;
    Zippety do-da
    Zippedy de-yay.

    Why? Because evey day is new and filled with the the joy of just being.
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  18. Smile for the camera Says:

    New York City Beats – Armand Van Heldon
    1234 – Feist

    My house consists of 8 people not including mum and dad, 7 Girls 3 Boys and Twins coming up soon.

    Everybodys running up and down the stairs so i think it suits the lyrics to New York City Beats 'Uptown, Downtown' its just crazy! Also i think it also suits the lyrics to 1234 coz my hosue is really warm and welcoming and upbeat, plus everyone, including me are under the age of 14 except mum and dad. When i think of home i think of a loving, friendly family. So yeah, our door is always open to anyone! We basically know EVERYBODY in New York. We leave our door open and we have like an extra 8 people in our house in an hour. It feels really good to be surrounded by relatives and friends. Mum's always out and about and when she comes back she always has somebody new with her [Its like were a second city!] It just feels really good, Couldnt have it any other way! Mum and Dad and everyone in my family are really laid back but busy at the same time. Like we always go to social meetings and stuff, we meet strangers and have like a HUUUGGEE party with everybody we know and everybody we meet every night. I love my family and friends, i couldnt ask for anyone better.
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  19. virgil Says:

    our house
    I remember way back then when
    Everything was true and when
    We would have such a very good time
    Such a fine time
    Such a happy time
    And I remember how we'd play
    Simply waste the day away
    Then we'd say
    Nothing would come between us
    Two dreamers
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  20. daboss Says:

    Love and Marriage from Married With Children, there's a little bit of Al, Peggy, Kelly and Bud Bundy in all of us. We even have a neighbour like Marcy Darcy.
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  21. Skidoo Says:

    Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's 'Our House' even though we don't have cats, a yard, or a fire. It's just such a lovely evocation of home it makes me well up even just thinking about it….
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  22. bill g Says:

    ' tip -toe through the taipans — through the taipans to you !!! '
    we have it all in north queensland !!! ( lol)
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  23. Pottie Says:

    I have two young boys with Autism… Being different is hard, our home is their sanctuary, it twinkles and sparkles with all WE think is beautiful .. we all can often be heard driving our neigbours mad with their favourite song a new version of twinkle twinkle little star..over and over and over

    Twinkle twinkle little me
    I'm as precious as can be..
    I'm smart and clever, brave and strong
    Bright and beautiful all day long..
    I'm fun and loving in every way
    I make a difference every day…
    A shining star thats little me…
    I love my life and I LOVE ME!!!!
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  24. hellsbells Says:

    'Stairway To Heaven'- by Led Zeppelin, cause by the time you reach our unit at the top, you will feel like you've reached 'Heaven', it's so nice and 'heavenly'.
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  25. maharg Says:

    "Back to Sorrento"…….Played on a mandolin of course …… As we live in a Mediterranean style home…..and garden..
    …….Arches…..ballustrades……etc. In the beautiful mediterranean type climate of Perth , Western Australia . ( We're not from the mediterranean area of the world ! ).
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  26. wizebloke Says:

    The Lion Sleeps Tonight …
    You know … the one that starts ….
    "In the Jungle, The quiet JUNGLE…."
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  27. Skater Says:

    "Two feet on the ground" by "3seven7"
    I would have this song because some people in my family get bullied and you got to stand your ground and stand up for yourself.
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  28. Hayleigh O Says:

    probably pictures of you necause it is an inspiring song also i just love it.
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  29. bindorski Says:

    The Brady Bunch, heehee.
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  30. reds_gerrard_8 Says:

    "And You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties" (can't remember the singer's name), but I am always in the kitchen whether at parties or just cooking, it's the social heart of our beautiful house here in Trott Park, Adelaide!!
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  31. nanna_me Says:

    The Green Acres theme… cos when I told my sister I was moving from the city to the country life she LOLd and said it would be just like Green Acres… hurtful and rude, but accurate. (my city clothes do look a bit out of place on the back of the ride on LOL)
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  32. HerbalPhil Wellness Warrior! Says:

    There is a wealth of abundance to theme song musics, I am ecclectic, love most music?

    Imagine a water feature in a courtyard with surround sound in the Garden where the water feature has dam busters theme going in the background with various video footage panning around the appropriateness for where the vision went so too the music mood?

    Then a world away, an Arizona Garden theme with the Magnificent Seven, again in surround sound followed quickly with la bamba to the focussed Mexican clothing stylishly draped for extra added effect upon innocently placed garden furniture.

    Thinking more Aussie, imagine a bushmans camp, where a few spear plants with their grassy base and stones placed as an Aborigional Artwork feature in the Garden, Gosh God forbid concrete aborigionals, I'd invite me mate Geoff Bottle round and have a few of the fellas over for secret mens business, you know, corroberee, good times, dancing, music and some fun, story telling, that sorta thing, say Ernie Dingo would be awesome comparing the opening on same.

    Then again, imagine high tea, where real musicians dressed in their finary and some English Twinings with some scones, rasberries, perhaps even fresh cream upon the situation as one surveyed the orderly roses arranged in such manner the natural geography betrayed a hint of domination!

    But, home, where I live, where the victa mower roars into life every saturday, the chariots of fire, not because I dont want kids to light me wheely bin, been there, they did that to me, I have a virgin garden against all odds, I just dont wanna see the likes of Rocky Bal Boa Strutting his stuff to rise like the phenoix upon my threshold, steroids, yucko what a liability?

    Taste, good focus, and a hint of low maintenance is the order of the day, I wish to meditate for hours there, when today, I move in, to not wanna have to mow the ruddy thing, I love sleeping in on the weekend, having a focus to laziness, easy going, music, the essence to inspiration, has to be enlivening refreshing, yet relaxing, my home, from destruction in the past without insurance, even rented has to be able to go with me, yea, more junk along the way, as if I had never been there when the song ended? A zest to life as inspiration is a kind ebulance, ie joyful enthusiasm, where the synergy effects contrast as harmony, its gonna be great. Can't wait.
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    The inner workings of a mind where hope is never distant.
    Hope the landlord approves?

  33. Mackenzie G Says:

    Our House by Madness
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  34. Unholy Thoughts Says:

    Bouncing off the walls by sugarcult cuz thats what i do at home its just so my house in everyway
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  35. Ellie M Says:

    "Edelweiss" – it's a gorgeous little purple cottage with a peak "A" line roof which makes me think of Switzerland.
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  36. Matt Says:

    Considering neither my fiance or I have Green Thumbs, and we are currently painting ( for the first time ) the house is somewhat of a mess. So i would say ….

    "Welcome to the Jungle"
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  37. lostie_fan Says:

    Department of youth–Alice Cooper

    Seems we are all miss understood (the Teens) and always in trouble with mum :)
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  38. Biblo Says:

    "In our mountain greenery"
    We have a beautiful little mountain cottage in the Sunshine Coast hinterland Queensland, we are surrounded by tall gum trees and we look out to the pacific ocean.
    When we first saw the house we almost naturally, started singing "In our mountain greenery" and when we feel so happy here, which is often, we sometimes spontaneously burst into song, then we laugh and laugh.
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  39. Sarah P Says:

    The Theme Song to PlaySchool

    Why?? Because its big, Yellow and lots of different shape windows. It has Round, Square and Rectangle Windows – All but the Arch!
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  40. Veewilson Says:

    "Our house (… in the middle of our street)"
    by madness

    It's a small single storey federation building in a street where most have been renovated into larger, multi-storey properties, plus it's always a bit of a mad house with a couple of dogs, friends coming & going, family, neighbours etc!
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  41. Kezza H Says:

    Walk Right in by the Roof Tops

    No one ever knocks at our place they see the door open, walk in go the the fridge, get out a beer and sit down. This includes my son mates and he doesn't leave there anymore. If someone knocks we know that it's going to be somebody trying to sell something, sign us up for something or give us some kind of religious talk. We never answer
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  42. Christine T Says:

    Sitting at the dock of the bay…..
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  43. emo Says:

    Who let the dogs out!
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  44. Richos Says:

    Bring Me to Life by Evanescence sums up my sharehouse perfectly. When we moved in, this place was bare and indistinguishible from our neighbours houses. We quickly added our own touches: putting up photos, purchasing home entertainment equipment and having friends round for BBQs. The guys took care of the electrical things whilst us girls paid closer attention to maintaining cleanliness and finding matching cushions! Yes, we've had some big arguments and 'no speakies' on occasions but I think everyone feels comfortable and at home in our place & that is the main thing :-)
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  45. Maz Says:

    The theme from "Looney Tunes"! It can certainly be a madhouse at times!
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  46. xinnis Says:

    I've always said our house is like the Addams Family's so naturally it's "de-de-de-dum click click". Our house is like a museum when people to see-em. It's old, full of mismatched but comfy furniture, cluttered oddities, cats, train sets and strange people. We are very Gomez and Morticia including the spontaneous tangos around the living room haha!
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  47. an_jill_2 Says:

    Live in a block of 'only' 4 units so my theme song for the unit block would be:
    "Shutup" By the Black Eyed Peas.. had some shockers of obnoxiously LOUD tenants..
    My own theme song (living in these units) would therefore be : "Nasty Girl"
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  48. hearttattoo Says:

    The theme song from The Simpsons; we would have to be the most dysfunctional family on the street, and proud of it.
    (I even think our neighbour looks a bit like Ned Flanders too!)

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  49. billy Says:

    Pub with no beer….drank it all
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  50. internethelp.jagex Says:

    Lol you're allright but old dont take it personally. Mine would be… Devil gate drive
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