How Will I Know When Apples are Ready to be Picked?

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Q: We only have a dwarf apple tree which we only planted this spring, in a pot. I have read some advice that you should pick an apple to see if they are ripe, but our tree only has 5 apples on it ! and we don’t want to waste any, equally we don’t want them to drop of either. we are new to growing/gardening and are very excited by our home grown apples even if we do only have 5!!

A: Apples ripen through from late Aug to early Nov. depending on type. To see if they are ready to be harvested, take an apple in your hand and twist lightly. If the apple is ripe the stalk will come clean and freely away from the fruiting spur (the part of the twig where the fruit grows). If not then the apple is not ripe. If you know what type of apple you have should give you an indication about when it should be ripe. To save any apples being damaged, try layering sacking around your pot, or move your pot onto grass if on a patio. Enjoy!

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