Does Anyone Know Simple Ways to Create Low Frequency Vibrations? Can a Radio Be Altered to Do It?

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Q: Specifically, I’m looking to make vibrations that are inaudible or almost inaudible to the human ear.  What sorts of home appliances can do this? Oh, my reason? I’m trying to think of a way to discourage my chickens from digging up my garden and have read that many animals can sense and will avoid certain low frequency sounds. Thanks for your advice!

A: While I agree that this may not be very effective at stopping the chickens, if you did want to try, I suspect a mechanical vibrator will be simpler and cheaper than the signal generator, amplifier and speaker option. An approximately 1750RPM motor (a common speed in areas with 60Hz power) with an eccentric weight on the shaft will generate about a 29Hz vibration. This might be hard on the bearings of a general purpose motor, but it might be OK for a short experiment, if it works, purpose built vibration motors are available. powered by Yahoo answers

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