Any Ideas for a Pretty Flower Bed? My First One!?

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GladiolasA: I live in a duplex with a small "flower bed" next to my front steps. It’s aprox 4 1/2 ft long and 2-3 feet deep. I want to plant some pretty flowers there to make it more welcoming and pretty. Plus I love flowers and gardening. This is our first home and my first time doing anything like this, and I was wondering if anyone had some tips. I really have no idea what kind of flowers look good together or if there was anything fun and creative you’ve done before. i really love colorful and exotic looking. I live in northern Illinois and the flowers will be in direct sunlight all day long. And I don’t have a hose, so if possible, know of any plants that do well with less water, seeing as how I’d have to bring it outside is a water can or something. Any suggestions are more than appreciated; also if you know the best place to purchase the flower (Home Depo vs Lowes or Walmart) Thank you so much all for your help in advance!

A: Depending on how much money you’re willing to spend, you could consult a landscaper. But if you would like to plant and set up the bed all yourself and have it be showy right away, one option is to try it with annuals and tropical bulbs the first year. These may include Petunias, portulaca (especially good for hot dry spots), gladiolus, dahlia (the last two of which you can overwinter indoors). In arranging these plants, if the bed is kind of up against a wall, put the tallest ones in the back, shorter ones up front. Another possibility, you could get a wildflower seed mix appropriate to your area, follow the directions on the seed packet, and use that. If done properly and maintained as per the instructions, it should give a pretty field of flowers effect. Some of the plants are perennials while others reseed themselves every year. You could also buy already growing native perennials too. Check out the website of Prairie Nursery.

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