How Do I Make a Floating Lantern for My Garden Pond?

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Q: I am looking for some creative help. We are having a fall themed wedding in September ’07 at our home. We have a beautiful pond that will be a backdrop to our ceremony and reception. I would like to put in the pond some floating lanterns (preferebly using candles in them) to let the water sparkle after dark. Unfortunately, we are on a very strict budget, so I was planning on just making them. Would anyone have any creative ideas or know of any websites that could explain or give tips of how to make them?

A: Get a big thick-ish (30-40cm) tree trunk. Chop it into 15 cm bits. Use various tools (hacksaw and a kind of scoopy thing, forgotten what its called) until they look relatively bowl shaped. See it it floats. If not try again. When it floats put a stumpy candle or a few tea light candles in the bottom. There you go. Might require a visit to a timber yard but wood isn’t very expensive. They can probably help with the scoopy thing too!

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