How To Have Yourself an Eco-Wedding

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So, what IS an eco-wedding you ask?

Well, it’s one where you try to make everything involved as "green" as possible.  (And I don’t mean the color, unless of course it’s your favorite to begin with.) An eco-wedding is one that does everything in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.  That can include everything from the flowers to the invitations to the ring to the dress and more.

Say you decide an eco-wedding is for you.  Where do you start and how do you keep it from costing a fortune? Well, here are just a few ideas of things you can try:

Nowadays, garden weddings are becoming more and more popular.  This doesn’t mean that it has to be YOUR garden, though. Try to have your wedding in a garden or outdoor location that’s centrally located to all who attend.  That way they can save on travel time and fuel, saving your friends and family money and putting less stress on the environment.  And if the locale already has an existing recyling/compost center nearby, that’s a bigger plus for when it’s time to tear down… Read the rest of this entry ยป

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Garden Wedding Ideas?

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Q: Getting married August, so having a garden party at our own home. I have brought two Marques and have thought about balloons and ribbons, but really have no ideas…have thought about a dance area, but will it not be difficult to dance on grass???? Any decorating ideas or tips would be much appreciated as the web seems empty.

A: Unless someone is ballroom dancing, or tap dancing… dancing on grass is fine. Plus, 1/2 of the women in the group will be grateful for a reason to take off their shoes. As far as decorations go… balloons strike me as "Birthday Party" or "Retirement Party" or "Real Estate Open House Party". Not worthy of a wedding, the embarkment on a new life. Ribbons (if they aren’t plastic) draped along stairways and fences would be nice. Candles in an enclosed vase on each table is nice, assuming you will have tables. Even inexpensive flowers like daisies can look gorgeous depending on the arrangement. 

If you are getting married in the evening or having the reception after dark, you can use inexpensive white Christmas lights on the trees and bushes to create an air of mystery and fantasy. Once people are actually at the garden party… they really won’t care about the decorations., particularly if you have a dance area! I guess it’s a matter of what is important to the 2 of you. If you have tables, placing a disposable camera on each table is great gift… that keeps on giving. Everyone will take candid shots, and send the camera back to you! (Or that’s how it’s supposed to work). Even if you get a couple of them back, you will get some great photos of what went on during your wedding party that you didn’t possibly have time to notice!  Trying to do a wedding on a budget?  Check out the link below:

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