What’s Your Favorite Gardening Magazine?

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Q: I’ve been thinking of subscribing to some magazines, I don’t know much about gardening but I’d like to start one next spring, vegetables and flowers, and I’ll probably be planting some stuff this fall, too (tulips! maybe other stuff too?) So some magazines with lots of information and tips would be nice. I was thinking of getting Better Homes and Gardens, but I’m not sure, maybe that and another one.. Any suggestions?

A: Backyard Living! http://www.backyardlivingmagazine.com/

This magazine has no advertisements. It has lots of great contests with small (wind chimes) and large (garden tractor) prizes. It also has lots of stories (funny and helpful) written by readers.

Backyard Living’s entire magazine is devoted to landscaping, planting, and gardening, while Better Homes and Gardens also features indoor decorating and cooking, as well as some self-improvement articles. It isn’t as gardener-intense as Backyard Living.

I am a landscaper/planter/gardener by hobby, and Backyard Living is a “never throw away” magazine!

Another poster suggested Birds and Blooms. This is also an excellent “no advertisement” magazine; I believe it’s published by the same folks that do Backyard Living and Taste of Home.

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