How Soon Can I Get My Jalapeno & Tomato Seeds Started Indoors?

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Q: How soon can I get my jalapeno & tomato seeds started indoors? I live in Wisconsin, but I am from California, so I am clueless about his kind of thing. I moved to the Midwest 4 years ago and always just bought the plants from home depot and put them into a bigger pots and they really took off. I hate insects so potting this stuff for me works well and my plants have always done well. but I have never really started anything from seed. any other people out there that only grow their veggies in pots on their deck? I feel like crud asking my Mother in law who has an acre-size garden…lol Thanks in advance for your advice :) PS AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WONDERING WHY IN THE WORLD I WOULD MOVE FROM CALI TO MIDWEST…..LOL GOT MARRIED AND TIRED OF THE OC RATRACE…LOL

A: I would say the best time would be late March to early April. I would not plant outside until after May 15. I say this because on May 15, 1933 my grandmother lost 100 tomato plants to a freeze in southwestern Minnesota on the day my Mother was born. She passed on that bit of knowledge to me. That would give them a good six weeks of indoor growing time. I use large whiskey barrels for my tomatoes and peppers. They work great and easier on the back too.

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