My Dog has Started Pooping Every Night in the House. Any Advice How I Stop This Behaviour?

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Q: She is a 6 yr old Lab/Rotty cross and has been house trained since she was a puppy, but in the last 3 weeks, I get up to find a mess every morning. She is walked 2-3 times a day and has access to the garden at night before we go to bed, yet she is still doing it. I am pretty sure it’s a behavioral issue as even though she is sometimes on her own during the day when we are at work, she never does it then. Nothing in her routine has changed so I just can’t understand it.

I have a 20 month old daughter and a baby on the way so if this continues I’m afraid we will have to find a new home for her. Any advice on how to overcome this would be really appreciated as she is one of the family and we would hate to lose her. Thanks.

The dog really does get a lot of attention and although Im sure she is aware of the changes at home she still gets tons of attention and exercise, my husband is self employed so is home lots of the day and when he is’nt he pops home at intervals to check on her. We also have a dog ‘nanny’ who takes care of her when we are going to be out for any long periods. We all go for walks as a family as often as we can and the dog is never walked less than 1 1/2 hours a day – usually much more, my husband loves to be out with her and our daughter as often as possible! She is spayed and her last meal of the day is usually about 4pm just before her evening walk. We have been punishing her by putting her outside for longer and longer periods and although she seems to know she has done wrong she is still doing it. I hate to be thinking like this but I just can’t have two children under two and a messy dog to contend with.

A: I had the same problem with my dog. I tried this routine and it worked perfectly. Never take your dog out for more than she has to. If you take her out 5 times a day, stick to 5 times. Every time she (Let’s call her skip) Skip makes a mess, bring her to the area she made it in. Make sure she sees it and then say "No Skip! BAD DOG!" Then give her a swat on the back. It’s not gonna kill her. If ur one of those people who’re like "OMIGAWSH!! ANIMAL ABUSER!!" Then instead of a light swat, get a newspaper and hit the ground beside him instead. If you catch her in the act of the crime, even better, while she’s relieving herself say, "Bad Skip!" And do the same thing. After she’s finished, TAKE HER OUT. When she’s relieving herself outside, praise her and give her a treat. After a few weeks, or a few days, however long it takes her to stop, gradually stop using the treat. I used this routine with my dog, and she never made a mess in the house after that. PS. CLEAN UP THE PLACE WHERE SHE MADE THE MESS VERY WELL AFTER HE MAKES IT!!! This is VERY important because one of the reasons why she might be pooping inside is because she might smell her previous mess and think it’s ok to poop inside. So make sure you clean it VERY well!!! Hope this helps!

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