Rat problem can anyone give advice?

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I have two very large rats in my garden ,and new buildings have been built behind my house,which must have disterbed them.The problem now is they have made a home under my shed i have put poison down only last night,.How long does it take to kill them once they have taken the bait.

It does not take too long. In about a week you should be finding dead rats.
Keep the poison down for awhile. There may be more that come around. Look for their holes and put the rat kill close or even in the holes.
My grandfather had the same problem and the poison worked great.

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  1. Kurstin O Says:

    i would put out rat traps and rat posion or get an outside cat who likes to hunt rats
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  2. DirtBikeBadAss Says:

    It should'nt take long for them to die once they have eaten the bait. If that doesn't work call an exterminator. If that still doesn't work buy a pellet gun and sit and wait for the rats to show up.
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  3. Northern but Nice Says:

    If they have taken the bait it will take a short time for it to kick in so i would advice you to have a good look for them as they do tend to crawl of and hide to die
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  4. painterlady Says:

    They have rat and mice glue traps on the market, put a couple under shed. Once stuck they can't get off of it, you just simply toss the trap away afterwards with the mouse or rat on it.
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  5. Crystal G Says:

    I guess it would depend a bit on the type of poison, but most rat baits are like blood thinnners and take a week to ten days after they eat it to kill them. You should continue to put poison out for a while however until it stopd being eaten and then a little while more because if two got there, more could as well.
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  6. donna u Says:

    It does not take too long. In about a week you should be finding dead rats.
    Keep the poison down for awhile. There may be more that come around. Look for their holes and put the rat kill close or even in the holes.
    My grandfather had the same problem and the poison worked great.
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  7. Chariotmender Says:

    Keep putting bait down until it stops being taken. Once that happens they are dead. Dependent on the bait, it should take less than a week. Just make sure if you have any household pets that they can't get at it. Have you got one of those tubes, like a drain pipe, with a feeder tube for the bait? If not it might be worth investing in one. They only cost £2.00 from an ironmongers or hardware store. Set it in the run left by the rats.
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    Bitter experience of living in the country. Lincolnshire has rats, the size of which you wouldn't believe. I had one so big and fat he couldn't run. He waddled down the edge of the field at the back of the house.

  8. kthywheatley Says:

    Rat Bar is the best,they die within mins.
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  9. wacky Says:

    If you are having large problems with Rats best contact your local councils Environmental Health Officer.once they have taken the bait it is only a matter of time does your bait say that you should leave a supply of water nearby as this helps certain Poisons to work quicker.
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  10. Ratgirl36 Says:

    thats so mean! dont kill them! i thought this was a PET topic!
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  11. hardtocatch Says:

    to hell w the poison. get a jack russell.
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  12. dolphin Says:

    You need to keep putting poison down until they stop taking it, then you will know they are dead, but if i were you i would get in touch with the council to deal with the problem, if you are in the UK they come out free for rat problems inside or out of your property.
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  13. Ellie B Says:

    Do Not Kill Them And DEFINATLEY Dont Use Glue Traps The Animals Suffer For A Very Long Time !!
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    Animal lover

  14. oceanfree1234 Says:

    Not long, a day or so, if they're stupid enough, but that doesn't alsways work. We got a cat coz we had the same problem, only with mice in the house (we just moved in and it hadn't been kept so well) and within a few weeks they're gone. Haven't heard a peep out of them. I also think that poison is cruel, the cat doesn't always kill them, just scares them away so that they leave.
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  15. AMANDA B Says:

    it could take a few days,but you must check to see if they are actually eating the poison and that there is nothing else around that they can eat other than the poison. if the poison that you have put down you would have to get an exterminator in to do it as rats can quickly breed. i had the same problem as you and it took a while to get rid of them and i had to get environmental health in to sort it out and they didn't charge me for doing it. if you have children or pets it would be best to keep them indoors while you have the poison down.
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  16. tashenti Says:


    If a cat, dog, or other 'cute' animal decided to live under your shed, you wouldn't kill them.

    Rats are just another animal, and I personally find them incredibly cute.

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  17. Efa Says:

    Personally i find pet rats cute but wild rats can carry diseases and can be dangerous so I would try and find a humane way to trap them and set them free somwhere else. Try one of these:
    ps: this is in the wrong section and will/has insult people!
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  18. mrs phas Says:

    Theyre in the wild where they belong, you should have left them alone

    having already put down the a bit its too late to say any other way of doing it, but next time maybe consider a live trap and release a minmum of 2 miles away

    as for how long does it take? maybe short myabe long, rats are neophobic, so if the bait is disapearing it may not be them taking it,
    you may have just poisoned a local hedgehog or two,
    also to overcome their neophobia one rat will often 'volunteer' to try the new food and then only after a couple of days of no ill health will the others try it
    Rats are incredibly intelligent and communicate extremely well with each other.

    The other thing is it is a myth they crawl out to die, they will actually retreat to where they feel safest, often dying and decomposing in the most inaccessable area causing smell and flies for weeks

    Be aware however, by removing these youre just creating an opportunity for new arrivals,
    spend some time modifying the area, making it inhospitable for habitation,
    clear all rubbish and make sure food debris is in covered bins,
    make sure compost heaps have tight fitting covers,
    if you have rabbits or gps then make sure there is no food kicked out to attract rats. dont feed cats and dogs outside, make sure no wild bird food is left lying around
    Clear out under the shed, repair any holes in the concrete base[if its directly on grass then some hope of ever preventing rodents0_0] and repair any holes in the shed itself
    dont make it a rat paradise and theyre inteligent enough to move on where the pickings are easier

    please please please a plea
    do not EVER consider a glue trap,
    I suggest painterlady and yourself have a read of these before ever considering a glue trap as an option

    and follow the links on the left hand side

    please watch the video showing sparrrows trapped in glue traps

    Stop the sale of glue traps
    Nationwide stores, Poundworld and 99p Stores, are selling glue traps designed to kill unwanted visitors, such as mice and rats. Animals who get stuck on glue traps suffer horrendous pain, often for days, as the trap is not designed to kill them quickly. As trapped mice and rats struggle to free themselves they may pull out their own hair, exposing bare, raw skin, break bones and chew off their own legs. The glue causes their eyes to become badly irritated and scarred and the animals become covered in excrement as they defecate and urinate due to severe stress and fear. Animals whose faces become stuck in the glue slowly suffocate and all trapped animals are subject to starvation and dehydration.

    Please contact Poundworld and 99p Stores and ask them politely to stop selling cruel glue traps.

    Write to:

    Poundworld Retail Ltd.
    Unit 27
    Oakwell Way
    West Yorkshire
    WF17 9LU

    Phone: 01924 420260
    Fax: 01924 443582

    99p Stores
    NN11 8NF

    Phone: 01327 315 900
    Fax: 01327 315 901
    Email: info@99pstoresltd.com

    i hope you can find it in you, however you feel about rodents, to protect all wildlife[ glue traps catch more than mice and rats, theyre strong enough to get a cat stuck up in one]
    and sign this petition to ban their use

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    ratkeeper with 15+years real hands on rat experience

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